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1.5.3 Discontinuation of Child Protection Plan


  1. Introduction
  2. Process

1. Introduction

The Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children Board supports the principle that where children looked after are also subject to a child protection review the overriding principle must be that the systems are integrated and carefully monitored in a way that promotes a child centred and not a bureaucratic approach.

There are concerns that two sets of planning processes operating simultaneously may be unproductive for families, carers and children and that two processes may not be an effective use of the resources for all the agencies involved. To minimise this concern, the following procedure applies for discontinuing a child protection plan

2. Process

At the Initial or a subsequent Review conference it may be apparent or planned that the child's welfare will be or is being safeguarded by their being looked after, or in the case of an unborn baby this is proposed at birth, under S.20 Children Act with the plan that the Local Authority are initiating Care Proceedings and applying for an Interim Care Order. In these circumstances:

  • Once the Order is made;
  • Once the decision that the no order principle should apply;
  • Once the child is looked after under Section 20.

It may no longer be necessary for a child protection plan to exist in addition to the looked after plan, as the court will be overseeing all planning for the child.

It may be appropriate to discontinue the child protection plan. LSCB considers that if the child/ren becomes subject to legal proceedings and / or become looked after by the Local Authority, discontinuation of the child protection plan is appropriate except in exceptional circumstances.

In either circumstance of an ongoing Plan being assessed and reviewed for the child, there is a concurrent requirement to monitor the delivery of the service in respect of ethnicity, first language, cultural and religious and other needs.

If the above circumstances apply, the social worker must discuss the case with their manager and if managerial agreement for de-registration from a Team Manager is obtained, the Social Worker should discuss / write to the Independent chairperson Safeguarding the Conference explaining how the child is being safeguarded and why it is appropriate to discontinue the child protection plan.

If the Independent chairperson Safeguarding is in agreement to discontinue the child protection plan, the chair should discuss the case with the Independent Reviewing Officer and if in agreement, the Independent chairperson Safeguarding will write to all agencies involved to consult on this proposal using the LSCB Notification of Intention To Discontinue a Child Protection Plan.

Unless an objection in writing is received by the Independent chair Safeguarding within 10 working days of the information being distributed, the protection plan will be discontinued. After this time, the chair will arrange for the minute taker to complete the LSCB Notification to Discontinue a Child Protection Plan which will be sent to all those consulted which will provide formal notification that the protection plan has been discounted. The minute taker will end the Child Protection Plan.

The convening team will use this notification to cancel that planned conference on the system. This will also act as notification to agencies as a cancellation of future planned conferences. An LSCB Notification of Discontinue of a Child Protection Plan will be sent to parents / those with parental responsibility to notify them of the decision by the minute taker.

Objections will normally result in a review case conference being held.

A Child in Need or Care Plan will replace the Child Protection Plan. A further assessment and analysis of the child's circumstances to inform planning may be necessary.

The above process should be completed within 10 working days. If there is 10 working days or more between the decision to propose that the child's protection plan is discontinued in this way, the above process should be used. If there is NOT 10 working days available, the planned conference should be held.