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3.8.9 Training of Foster Carers


This procedure applies to all approved foster carers and should be read in conjunction with Supervision of Foster Carers Procedure.


This chapter was slightly amended in June 2013 in regard to the Induction Standards for the Children’s Workforce and details in regard to the mandatory training sessions.

All foster carers must have completed the initial training through Preparation Groups, preferably before approval. In the case of relatives being assessed as foster carers, there may be factors preventing this occurring before their approval.

See Assessment and Approval of Foster Carers Procedure.

The Fostering Service will also provide a programme of training for foster carers designed to develop their skills. All foster carers will be required to attend those courses identified as mandatory including the National Standards for Foster Carers.

Foster carers are to receive the appropriate training on the storage, handling and prescribing handling of medicines. Please refer to the First Aid, Home Remedies and Prescribed Medicines Guidance.

Foster carers will also receive guidance on promoting the child’s health needs and receive appropriate training to provide appropriate care where caring for children with complex needs.

Each foster carer will have a portfolio of their training, and certificates will be presented in relation to training completed.

Each foster carer will have a training and personal development plan, which will be agreed at their annual review, and discussed regularly as part of their supervision.

See Supervision of Foster Carers Procedure.

The Fostering Service will develop a training plan and make training available to foster carers and will encourage as many carers as possible to take part.

Where foster carers are resistant to training, the supervising social worker will explore possible reasons for this. If there are practical reasons, for example distance or childcare problems, every attempt will be made to find solutions.

All foster carers must complete 3 mandatory training sessions in their first year:

  1. First Aid;
  2. Safeguarding;
  3. Safecare;

Then in the 2nd year, all foster carers must complete 2 mandatory training sessions:

  1. Behaviour Management;
  2. Diversity.
Please refer to the Foster Care Handbook for further information.