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2.2.3 Transitional Needs


This procedure affirms the role of Children's Services in the multi-agency planning of the needs of children with special educational needs in the transition from childhood to adulthood and in particular the contribution which Children's Services should make to the 'Transition Review' process which is instigated by Education at the age of 14 plus.


  1. Background
  2. Process

1. Background

1.1 A protocol has been jointly developed between Lincolnshire County Council Children's Services and Lincolnshire Health, in response to the requirements of the 1993 Education Act, to plan for the transition of young people with a disability and/or special needs.
1.2 The purpose of the plan is to provide a multi-agency response to the individual needs of young people with a disability and/or special needs, who at the age of 14 plus, are assessed as requiring services on an on-going basis and where a plan will ensure the smooth transition from child to adult focused service provision.
1.3 Although Children's Services Additional Needs has the responsibility to co-ordinate a meeting to devise a plan, they must ensure that any agency which has duties and responsibilities for the assessment of need and the provision of services to this group of young people, should attend and participate in the process. Where the child is already allocated the Lead Social Worker should ensure that the information held with regard to the child is up-to-date and that it is available to the transition planning process.

2. Process

2.1 Following notification of a pending Transition Review, the Team Manager should identify whether the child is already receiving a service and the allocated Lead Social Worker contacted.  If the child has is not already receiving a service a referral should be made via the Customer Service Centre. Where the child/young person is already receiving a service from Children's Services the allocated Social Care Worker should attend the subsequent Transition Review.
2.2 Attendance at the Review will ensure multi agency contribution to the planning process and ensure that services, roles and responsibilities are clear within the plan. A Transition Plan will be completed at the Review and a copy subsequently added to the child's record/file.
2.3 It is important to recognise that the role of Adults Services is crucial in order to be able to provide a continuous service. Consequently Adults Services should wherever possible allocate a 'shadow' case-holder whose role will be to assist in ensuring that agreed services are available and other specialist facilities are provided as required.
2.4 When the young person becomes 18, the case-holding responsibility will automatically transfer to Adults Services. However Children's Services contribution will not necessarily cease immediately. This may include the on-going direct provision of services or resources. Where the young person has been 'looked after' following their 16th birthday, Children's Services should continue to attend subsequent Reviews and Planning Meetings, until the young person's 21st birthday, in order to assess whether any services need to be provided to support the young person's move towards greater independence, where practicable, within its responsibilities under Section 24 of the Children Act 1989.